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Welcome to the Website of the Eastbourne and Willingdon Liberal Democrats.

We work hard for you all year round, and here you will find out about the work that we do in our town.

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Recent updates

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    Article: Mar 26, 2014

    It has finally happened! Spring has Sprung! That fantastic time of year is here, where Eastbourne once again glistens with daffodils in the sun and makes way for the onset of what we hope will be a wonderful summer. We have so much to offer the South East and beyond, but as many of you will know, access has long been an issue. This is why I'm currently campaigning so hard to improve our transport links by road and rail. There is also news on the Hospital, the Spring Street Market and more, so do read on:

  • Stephen Lloyd MP and Liz Walke at a recent rally opposing changes to the DGH.
    Article: Mar 25, 2014

    Last week the cross-party SavetheDGH team launched a new option for what they believe to be a flawed consultation into the future of Maternity and Paediatric services in East Sussex. Their Option 7 allows for both Eastbourne DGH and Hastings Conquest hospitals to maintain Consultant-led Maternity care, unlike any of the current 6 options.

  • Article: Mar 24, 2014

    Stephen Lloyd MP has responded to the County Council's Consultation on the use of loading bays which opened this week.

    The MP has been lobbying the County Council for years to allow private vehicles to park in loading bays after 6pm. Previously he had managed to secure a more flexible remit for the lading bays in Seaside Road, allowing restaurant customers to load these in the evenings. Now Stephen is pushing for the bays in the town centre to enjoy the same flexibility. This will free up dozens more parking spaces across Eastbourne.

  • Sl fast train letters
    Article: Mar 24, 2014

    After collecting numerous letters and emails of support from local residents over the last few weeks, Stephen has written to the Department of Transport (DfT) to show the real depth of feeling in Eastbourne over his campaign for a Fast Train.

    Since the MP called for the views of local residents recently, over 150 people have taken the time to write in support of the Fast Train. The messages ranged from residents who already endure the commute, to businesses that look forward to greater tourism, and even included a heartfelt letter from a young girl and boy who want their 'daddy home sooner' so he can read them a bedtime story.

  • Article: Mar 18, 2014

    In 2009, former Eastbourne resident Lance Corporal Michael Pritchard was killed by a friendly fire incident in Afghanistan. Last weekend, Lance Corporal Pritchard's former commanding officer, Major Richard Streatfeild, has published a book criticising the equipment provided by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) to front line troops, prompting renewed calls for an apology from the Ministry by Stephen Lloyd MP.

  • Article: Mar 18, 2014

    Stephen Lloyd MP this week paid tribute to the men and women of Ireland who lost their lives fighting in the British Army during the First World War.

    As part of the series of commemorations taking place over the next four years, Stephen tabled an Early Day Motion in the House of Commons this week to honour the sacrifice made by men and women from the island of Ireland during WWI, and praised the initiatives promoting peace between the Republic and Northern Ireland.

  • Article: Mar 12, 2014

    Stephen Lloyd MP has welcomed last minute changes to the NHS Care Bill to ensure that local people get more say on Hospital closures.

    Clause 119 was widely criticised for giving too much power to the Secretary of State should the Trust Special Administrators be called in to a failing hospital. Lib Dem former Health Minister Paul Burstow MP put in amendments, backed up by the campaign group 38 Degrees, to ensure that local people must have a say in any proposals regarding their local hospital. Following intense negotiation during the debate, the Minister announced that these changes would be part of the Bill, so the amendment was dropped.

  • Article: Mar 12, 2014

    Earlier this week, a national patient representative group, Health Watch, organised a question time event at the Winter Gardens to discuss the local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) proposals around Maternity and Paediatrics. Representatives on the panel from the SavetheDGH campaign were the Chair Liz Walke and Stephen Lloyd MP. The other members included Dr Martin Writer, CCG Chair, Dr Mark Barnes, CCG Maternity and Paediatric Clinical Lead, along with the CCG's Operational Director, Amanda Philpott.

  • RAD reception
    Article: Mar 10, 2014

    Stephen Lloyd, MP for Eastbourne, has pledged his support for improving residential care for older Deaf people who communicate using British Sign Language (BSL) by raising awareness of a new Deaf-Aware Care quality mark for care homes. The quality mark has been developed by RAD and Sonus, two charities that support Deaf people.

  • Article: Mar 5, 2014

    The 100x3 Campaign, recently launched by Stephen Lloyd to help local long term unemployed people, is off to a flying start. So far the campaign has helped create 33 new placements, with 6 major local employers signed up to the initiative in the last week alone.

    Stephen Lloyd said: "The whole thrust of 100x3 New Year, New beginnings - 100 work experience for 100 hours in 100 days - is to help people who have been out of work for a while to get back into employment. To give them a leg up. It's very much a glass half full campaign; doing things the Eastbourne way, by helping our neighbours and community who are out of work to help themselves. The response from local businesses and organisations has been nothing short of incredible. I really am proud of our town for its strong sense of mutual support and determination to pull together. I'm sure it's the key reason we have come through the recession so successfully!"

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